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Adding a Lock Screen to Signal Desktop

by Jamey 0 Comments
Adding a Lock Screen to Signal Desktop

In this post, I will describe improvement steps that I have tried to make by contributing to the open source Signal Desktop project on GitHub, as well as creating my own application patch for Linux and MacOS.

I have recently been in full CON mode for DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE, which just ended yesterday. This year, all of the festivities took place on Discord and Twitch, and they pulled it off perfectly without a hitch. However, many of us reminisced about years past and the fun had in Las Vegas, which was the only thing missing this year. One of the upsides of this was not having to worry about your laptop or phone traffic being sniffed or getting hacked, as in years past, every precaution was taken — from bringing clean laptops with fresh and disposable Kali installations, to bringing burner phones — and all important communication between friends took place on Signal — the go-to app for private comms.