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The Toll by Neal Shusterman

by Jamey 0 Comments
The Toll by Neal Shusterman

Personally, I feel like Neal Shusterman really created a masterpiece with The Toll. I really enjoyed Scythe and its follow up, Thunderhead, but The Toll was the grand finale that tied up all of the loose ends and ultimately brought the series to its full and glorious completion.

There appear to be two distinctly separate camps when it comes to readers of this book. There are those who loved Scythe and Thunderhead who happened to be very bored and underwhelmed by The Toll, and this camp seems to actually hold the majority. On the other hand, there are readers who believe The Toll completely stands apart from the first two books in the series and truly deserves more credit than people are giving it. I happen to be a member of this second camp, as this book “resonated” with me pretty deeply.


How to Host a Hidden Service .onion Site on the Dark Web

by Jamey 5 Comments
How to Host a Hidden Service .onion Site on the Dark Web

Warning: the recommendations made here are in reference to hosting your own personal content, not to become a web hosting provider on the dark web. You are responsible for the content that you host (maybe depending on region — I’m not a lawyer), but you don’t want to find yourself anywhere in the distribution pipeline related to the nefarious goods and services of others.

This guide is tuned toward hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Ubuntu 18.04. The same things can be achieved using RPM-based distros by substituting the packaging commands and tweaking the instructions as necessary.